Create Your Own Recipe And Bake It Yourself!

Baking is a culinary art that includes the cooking process of oven baking, and the presentation of food or dessert. The common start to baking usually involves steps such as researching online for a baking recipe, writing down the ingredient list, and shopping for the necessary ingredients.

Once all the ingredients have been bought, you would also need to make sure that you have all the required utensils before you start baking. People can typically buy and order ready-made baked desserts such cupcakes, cookies or cakes. But there are some people who would still rather make it themselves. Especially if they are giving it as a birthday present or a valentine’s day gift; because it would be more personalized and special if they were the ones who baked them. Furthermore, offline and online stores providing & selling baking ingredients are available but there are too few and are difficult to find.

I was inspired to develop this idea and website because I realize a problem when it comes to baking. People are afraid to attempt baking basically because of the excessive ingredient wastage, and furthermore, in order to bake a simple batch of cupcakes, you would need specific utensils.

For an example, if Adam wants to attempt baking, he would first need to buy the list of ingredients that he found on the internet. And because Adam isn’t aware of stores that specifically sells baking items, he would then approach supermarkets that sells the ingredients in its original packing. Assuming that Adam only needs 300grams of sugar for 6 cupcakes, but because the smallest pack of sugar sold is 1kg, Adam is then stuck with loads of access ingredients. Furthermore, not everyone has the proper utensils when it comes to baking.  First-time bakers are afraid of investing their money on utensils which they may only use once or twice. But because it’s a necessity- they buy it and immediately regret as they realize that they’ll probably never use it again.

The website aims to provide a solution whereby customers can now purchase what they only need. Just the right number of ingredients, for the exact number of cupcakes.  And with the simple baking steps provided- beginners can attempt baking with no worry!




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