Alcanzar Digital

Revamping & Redesigning the UI & UX of Alcanzar Digital Company Website

This project is regarding the revamping and the redesigning of the company website of Alcanzar Digital, that will be completed within the initial wireframe of WordPress. The intent of this project is to redesign the full website UI and to make sure that the website fulfills the design principles and is carefully designed such that the user experience is also improved. The client requested to also include advertising tasks such as the designing of the flyers, and brochures, therefore the branding and concept of the online and offline artifacts has to be in-sync and well designed. The Customers of the website are the users of the service provided by Alcanzar Digital. is targeted to business owners, both online and offline and those who wishes to expand their business and create a presence in the internet world. provides internet marketing solution that can be catered to and altered to fit various kinds of industry. They are providing services such as campaign marketing, leads generation and social media management.

The website aims to target business owners who are too busy to handle their online-marketing efforts and those who wishes to engage a marketing company but at an affordable price. provides cost-effective marketing services that can scale up online-presence and business sales.

Website Objectives is used to sell their service packages for business solutions of online marketing. The company’s nature of business uses an online website platform to educate, inform and promote the services and products that they sell. The website is also used to spread the message and to build an online presence for the business – besides gaining traffic from other internet users or future potential customers.

With a redesigned website, Alcanzar Digital is able to build trust within its customers, and it will also allow its customers to feel confident that Alcanzar Digital would be able to deliver the services. This is because, the website would be designed to look professional and qualified, while providing an seamless user journey and user experience.

Colour Theme and Design Direction

The company colour theme was confirmed to be Red, Black and White as the brand colour because the owners of the company believe that it represents action, power, energy, speed, simplicity, elegance and fairness.

Many businesses have used this colour theme as their brand colour because it represents a brand personality.

These colours shows confidence and sharpness, therefore the brand direction and design approach of web interfaces will have to sync and express the desired brand personality and character. will be revamped and redesigned in such a way that the brand will speak for itself. Below are some example websites that expresses similar concepts using the exact colour theme of Red, Black and White.



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