KipCash Application

A Mobile App that Kip’s Track of Your Expenses!

KipCash is the App that ensures university students to manage their money expenses and spend wisely. University students staying in campus, and those who are away from home most of the time are continuously burdened with assignments and projects; and although they know that keeping track of their expenses is important, but it doesn’t become their priority. With KipCash, university student can now track and budget their spending the simple way. Breaking away from all the in-depth vague statistics, advanced business features and multiple accounts, KipCash will “Kip” it simple and encourage university students to input their daily expenses and see a glance of their In’s & Out’s.

KipCash has special features that allows personalized settings where by users can input their reminders of when would they like to be reminded to key-in their expenses. The App is also Location-aware, this means that with its automated location tracking, university students can select places such as homes, libraries or lecture halls to be set as places of “non-spending”, so that when they leave these places, reminders for new inputs will be prompted.

KipCash understands that youngsters have better things to do rather than do boring accountings, but keeping an account of their money is a good practice and that’s why this App is brilliant. No more excuses of forgetting to input your expenses, this time the App reminds you!

Furthermore, after understanding your daily routines and patterns, the App is also able to make predictions and suggestions base on every user’s behavior. This dynamic feature will study your pattern so that your future entries are faster and simpler than ever.

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