Proposal Summary

The platform will allow users to be directly involved in the curation of the interactive artefact in the platform. Quotations, comments, or any form of “word” contribution is typed in by the users from around the world. And with the crowdsourced contributions, art is then formed. A poster of inspirational words can then be saved and be printed out into hardcopy. Users are encourage to engage together to create printable artefacts while sharing and contributing amazing typography inspirations.

The propose artefact will be developed for a website. Users from all over the world would be invited to join and use our interactive platform as a tool to create beautiful yet simple posters with their very own words. As they enter the website, they would be able to see the previous “comments” submitted by previous users, and how the words compiled on top of one another to create an artefact of inspirational words. The poster designs above, created by Matt Edson on Behance is a clear example of how simple words of amazing typography can create minimalistic posters that are currently in trend. It is also used as a reference to how the platform will produce its final artefacts.

This platform would not limit its users to only being designers, instead everyone can come onboard and be involved in the engagement. The website is also useful for users who aren’t from the design field. For example, if a café owner wants to create posters for his cafe, he will be able to use the platform to key in his preferred quotations and select parts of the artefacts for printing.

Narrative Structures within the Artefact

The objective of the website is to encourage users to create beautiful artefacts with motivational, encouraging, inspirational words and comments. The entries of all the users are the narrative structures within the artefact. User are given the opportunity to create a story or leave a message to the next user- while creating “art” through words. Encouraging the world participate in a dynamic creative platform.

Project Purpose

The idea of this proposal came about when the company was approached by a café owner who’s about to open his new café in Publika. The owner was looking for a way to engage with his new customers- to find out what they thought about his food and coffee. The company then thought of a way of how his customers can interact with the installation, view great art, as well as contribute comments. The Café owner was then appointed as the SMART target of this STI Project.

The propose of this project was then finalized to create an interactive narrative website for the café owner – which will then be projected on the wall in his café during the opening day; intriguing the customers to type in comments and share positive words. After the launch of the café/website, the website will still continue to operate while inviting more users around the world to contribute their “narratives”.