Alice In Z-land

An Interactive Hyper-comic Game

This Hypercomic is about a girl named Alice, struggling to survive in the zombie apocalypses. The theme of the game is created with the concept of merging multiple movies together. Some of the movie scenes are distinctive and holds an amusing similarity with movies such as, Alice in Wonderland, Matric, District 9, Zombieland, Resident Evil and The New World Order.

Artefact title: Alice in Z-land

Brief synopsis: Alice lives with her mom are survivors of the zombie apocalypse and they lived together in a small trailer home deep in the dark forest. A mad scientist who wanted to create a drug that made humans immortal tested his experiments on human subjects, it failed and turned his subjects into zombies. Gooogle, became The New World Order; and they now rule the world.

Alice’s moms heart was replaced with a bionic heart; and it was starting to fail. She needs a replacement quick, if not, she’ll die. Gooogle sends drones to deliver new body parts to any survivors who needs them, unfortunately, the only drop-off point is at designated districts.

Alice is to travel on a whole new adventure to retrieve the drone from district 9. Her mom warns her of the wandering zombies and the mad scientist that is still on the loose.

Would Alice succeed and safe her mom?

Gamification genre: Hypercomic (Multiple choice clicks)

Visual dimensions: 2.5D Graphics

Interactive input: Mouse Click



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